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Crystals can go in water to elevate its quality

Do you know how Crystals infused with water can serve you on all mental, emotional physical and spiritual levels? If no, then GIVE a TRY😊

How? Simply placing crystals in water helps cleanse their energy and recharge them.

Crystals such as blue agate, amethyst, moonstone, clear quartz and rose quartz are all associated with water, and so using them in combination with the element will make them even more powerful in our practices.

Crystals emit subtle energies or vibrations, and when placed in or near water, these energies can be transferred to the water. In various spiritual and metaphysical practices, water is seen as a carrier of intentions. By placing crystals in water with a specific intention, individuals believe they can "program" the water with that intention, and consuming the water is thought to bring about the desired effects.

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