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Let us start with a free consultation session

Call us for free consultation 

- To discuss your mental, physical and emotional issues

- How Reiki and Crystal healing can help in your case ?


Reiki and Crystal Healing Services

60 Minutes Energy Healing - 40€

Metatron's Cube Crystal Grid 2.png

Energizing Home and Business place 

A crystal grid is a pattern of crystals arranged in a specific geometric shape, often with a central crystal or stone surrounded by smaller crystals. Crystal grids are used in crystal healing to focus and amplify the energy of the crystals.

Using a crystal grid for home or business cleansing can be a powerful way to purify and protect your space's energy and bring in positive, uplifting energy. Choosing crystals that resonate with your intention and setting a clear, focused intention when activating the grid is essential.

Price range 60€ - 90€. It varies depending on crystals used in grid pattern.

40€ Gift Card for loved ones. 
Can be used either for healing session or buying healing products.

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